This one-of-a-kind massage stimulates the lymphatic drainage system of the body in order to eliminate wastes, toxins and excess fluids. It is the ultimate whole body treatment for detoxing and contouring the body.


Magical Touch

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This massage is the "hand" your body needs to improve circulation by releasing stagnant fluid that contains toxins. It can reveal your inner beauty by removing all that is harmful while helping you look and feel vibrant.

If you struggle with…

swollen legs, abdomen & face
excessive fluid retention
lethargy and tiredness
managing your weight
joint swelling


get rid of swelling, bloating & puffiness
have a more sculpted & defined physique
remove toxins from your body
reduce the appearance of cellulite
boost your immune system
increase energy, vitality & mental clarity
improve digestion & weight loss
reduce bloating & constipation
boost metabolism & blood circulation

We use Zurma Organic blend essential oil and hot towels during your treatment.

60min - 

Best as a treatment

Special Package: 4 sessions
60min - 

For long and lasting results if you experience constant fluid retention problems; it is best to do this massage as a treatment, often one to two sessions per week.

On the first or "one off" session the pressure is mild to medium to encourage a healthy lymph flow through a series of strokes and patterns along the lymphatic pathway.

One Off

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